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Quarter6 Quarter7 Festival 2013

Quarter6 Quarter7 Festival 2013 Hanukkah Edition: A Quarter of What?

What’s with those pink rabbit people on Kazinczy? And what about that haunted house on Klauzál? Who painted over the firewalls? What is a neon sign doing in the garbage, or a herd of zombies in the Jewish district? What kind of a quarter is this?!

Such questions are familiar to us: you can’t cross Budapest’s “Bermuda triangle” the historical Jewish quarter-turned-party district without bumping into surreal scenes, awed passers-by, incomprehension or patronizing smiles. One thing is certain: no one can pass by what’s going on here without a word. Neither can we.
So, what is going on here? We know where we’ve come from, what processes have led to the transformation of the quarter. But can we fathom the layers and fluctuations of the quarter?
This year’s Hanukkah edition of the Quarter6Quarter7 Festival addresses these questions, the layers of the 6th and 7th districts, with their creative subcultures in the spotlight: the odd faces and places we often just marvel at.
What remains of the old Jewish quarter? How has it been transformed and reinterpreted over time? How does it attract youth and does its vibrant atmosphere really drive older people away? What creative communities thrive here and which places are frequented by the neighbourhood’s famous faces?
Heritage and change – the goal of this winter’s festival is to shed light on the different shades of the inner 7th District. In accordance with this, we have selected events and spaces in addition to our usual venues and programs to give insight into the life of specific social, art, religious or ethnic groups.
Quarter6Quarter7 Festival Winter Edition is organised for the 6th time on the 8 days of Hanukkah, between 27 November and 5 December, filling the well-known and hidden places of the quarter with community events. Our 30 locations offer nearly 100 religious, musical, cultural and gastronomy programs.
The series of events organised by Marom Club Association present the quarter’s creative minds and colourful community spaces through programs like the public art project The City as Playground? (29th November, Szövetség 39) or the photo exhibition What’s a miracle? at Casati Gallery (from 27th November). There will be participatory programs like collective comic drawing (everyday in Rácskert) or the Hanukkah bench of BLOKK architects in Gozsdu Court (this is where the candle lighting ceremony will take place from 27th November, including the festival opening, and from where we walk each evening to the site of the teachings to listen to acclaimed Hungarian and international lecturers).
The festival also abounds in gastronomy events. Especially recommended are the collective cooking programs (at Studio Gallery on 28th November and at Lumen on 30th), and the street food walk for gastromaniacs. In addition, the line-up includes a lot of talks and lectures related to the colours and layers of the quarter (including a round table about cultural life on 28th November, and a drama-pedagogy workshop entitled Man in the Space! on 3rd December, both at Studio Gallery). You can get a tangible experience of the life of the neighbourhood”s homeless with the activists of The City is for All group (Living Library on 30th November in Kuplung, as well as a socio-tour, starting from the same venue). The guided tours of Hosszúlépés give insight into the subcultures, history and present of the quarter (Mistailored Budapest, Zionist Budapest, the 7th District Rózsadomb).
Our evening programs are also devoted to introducing subcultures from Gypsy, Jewish, Spanish and Balkan music through Expat Night (29th November, Massolit) and Israeli and Belgian underground (3421XMissRED at Kuplung on 30th November, Eat my funk/Q6Q7 Festival closing party featuring Lefto and Galo on 5th December at Kolor), not to mention the Buttering Trio (ISR) playing at Ankert on 3rd december..
We invite you to exciting locations across the Jewish quarter from 27th November until 5th December – for meeting new people, discussions, collective creativity, Hanukkah celebration and the exploration of what this quarter means to different people – find out what the inner 7th District is a quarter of.


Before the festival

01-25.11: Hanukkah game
Prepare your own Hanukkah cookie or cake, take a picture and send it with the recipe to, and vote on the website. The dessert that gets the most votes will be baked and sold during the 8 days of Hanukkah in our SABRE Coffe Shop. -Bálint House (16 Révay str., D6)

During the festival

27.11.2013.- 04.12. Candle lighting on each day of the Hanukkah Bálint House (16 Révay str., D6)

27.11.2013.-04.12. Candle lighting every evenging at the Hanukkiah Bench
We chose an extraordinary spatial installation as the meeting point of the festival : the Hanukkiah Bench designed by BLOKK Architects. The wall holding the 9 flames of the Hanukkiah is a perfect expression of the festival’s concept and Hanukkah’s message: the object that seemingly separates the space does eventually connect us – the space between passers-by, and with its flames the earth and the sky.The festival opening will be held here, with Hannukiah video mapping (contribution of VJ Centrum) and every evening after the candle-lighting at 19:30, we walk on to the sites of Hanukkah-teachings (Teachings in English at Kőleves: 1st December, David Lazar, Chief Rabbi of Stockholm, 2nd December, Dr. Vered Glickman, Director of the Israeli Cultural Institute of Budapest, 4th December, Alon Dotan (ISR), Diller Fellowship).
-Gozsdu ‘C’ Court (16 Dob str. D7)

27.11.2013.-05.12 Art books off the pallet at the Gallery
During the festival, last copies of high quality art, design, photo and gastro albums are for sale with up to 80% discount.
– Klauzál 13 (13 Klauzál str., D7)

27.11.2013.-05.12. Mon-Fri: 4pm-, Sat-Sun: 2pm- Light bulletin – collective wall novel. An experimental participatory street comic in colour, created collectively on a wall of Rácskert.
– Rácskert (40 Dob str. D7)

2013.11.21-20.12 Exhibition – Extension.
During the Hanukkah festival, The Chimera contemporary art gallery features an exhibition of new works of the gallery’s contributing artists, entitled Extension. The exhibition opens at 19:00 on 21st November.
• Chimera Project (5 Klauzál sqr., D7)

27.11.2013.-05.12. Hanukkah Gastro programmes:
Dzzs Bar (32 Nagydiófa str., D7) – Keeping in view the traditions of Hanukkah, during the festival, Dzzs Bar offers an assortment of delicacies and quiches made with olives and olive oil.
– Fekete Kutya (31 Dob str, D7) – This slightly wacky, and absolutely homelike pub on the corner of Dob & Kazinczy streets under the arcade – , offers surprises throughout the Q6Q7 Festival: marinated home-made goat- and ewe cheese bits to go, as well as other tapas & dishes already on the menu.
– Kazimír (34 Kazinczy str., D7) also offers street food – pita filled with vegetables and olive paste among others.
– Kolor (13 Király str., D7): Hanukkah weekly menu (Bagel with Jewish egg salad, couscous fruit salad, matzo ball soup, tzimmes with salmon, sholet with egg and goose, lamb’s knuckles with chremslach, flodni cake).
– Legenda Etető (12-14 Holló str., D7) Taking a leap from the customary traditions of street food, part of our menu is based on the specialties of the Legend Brewery. We would like to demonstrate the perfect harmony of bear and olives during the festival. Our offer: olive soup with feta, olive paste titbits, hamburger grilled in beer, with feta and olives, chicken plate with cream and olives.
– Macesz Huszár (26 Dob str., D7) Hannukah menu
– Due Spaghi (Gozsdu udvar, D7)

Daily programmes

2013.11.26. 20.00 Pre-festival: Jazzgödör – Minimal Klezmer (I) Gödör Club (8-10 Király str., D6)

27.11.2013.-05.01.2014 6pm. The Studio of Young Photographers joins Quarter6Quarter7 Festival with an exhibition exploring the phenomenon of the miracle. – Casati Art Corner Gallery (31 Paulay Ede str., D6)

27.11.2013. 7.30pm Candle-lightning, Hanukia video-mapping Gozsdu Udvar (16 Dob str. D7)

27.11.2013. 8pm Tribute to Jimmy Hendrix – Band of Gypsys All Stars (1000 ft.) Gödör Club (8-10 Király str., D6)

27.11.2013. 8pm 22:00 Willany Leó On Impro Workshop. Darkness lingers over the country, and we turn the Wights on! Gödör Club (8-10 Király str., D6)

28.11.2013. 10am Hosszúlépés: Street food walk for gastro-maniacs

28.11.2013. 6pm Kipa-crocheting workshop with the Handicrafts Union – Dzzs Bar (32 Nagydiófa str., D7)

28.11.2013. 8pm Exhibition opening of Ef Zámbó István & Ef Zámbó Happy Dead Band – Kisüzem (2 Kis diófa str., D7)

28.11.2013. 8pm Doblo DJ Day Doblo Wine & Bar (20 Dob str., D7)
28.11.2013. 9pm Euro-African Playground, Chalaban. (600 ft.) Gödör Club (8-10 Király str., D6)

28.11.2013. 6-9pm Nov. 28. „Alkotókert”; Group of artists -Fogasház (51 Akácfa str., D7)

29.11.2013. 2pm Hosszúlépés-walk: The 7th District Rózsadomb.

29.11.2013. 2pm Stopelsteine in Budapest – walk with Julius Palacinka (ENG)
Stolpersteine in Budapest .. Botlatókő or better known as Stolpersteine are memorial stones in the pavement in front of a building. These memoral stones commemorate the victims of the Second World War who have lived in the building. During this walk we see the Stolpersteine in the VI. and VII. district….
about Julius… since 1989 visiting Budapest and living in this lovely city since early 2011. All days busy with showing others the beautiful, unique chraracter of the city. Writing about culture, architecture, Jewish history and much more

9.11.2013. 3pm 1000% Klauzalia relic workshop – The workshop of the 1000% street- and urban art team is located on Klauzál tér. Visitors can manufacture Klauzál Square relics with professional assistance, using silk screen and other tools. The workshop takes turns with groups of 5, and it is almost free, but the tools and materials used should be refunded in an honesty box.
– Kisüzem (2 Kis diófa str., D7)

29.11.2013. 3pm Exhibition of photographs taken during the Photography and Activism workshop, in the form of posters.
-Kuplung (46 Király str., D6)

29.11.2013. 6.30pm Kertem Mozi: Cage Door is Always Open Kuplung (46 Király str., D6)

29.11.2013. 7pm They Were Neighbours (documentary, 2005. 63 min., ENG sub)
Directed and photographed by: Gellér-Varga Zsuzsanna. Ghetto, brick factory, train station, mass grave – it is time for the neighbours of Hungarian Jews to reminisce. What did they do and what could they have done?Kazimír (34 Kazinczy str., D7)

29.11.2013. 7pm Expat’s Night Massolit Books & Café (30 Nagydiófa str., D7)

29.11.2013. 7.30pm Hanukkah candle lighting and Kabbalat Sabbath with the Dor Hadas egalitarian masorti community. The traditional Kabbalat Sabbath is followed by a Kiddush and loose conversation with David Lazar, Stockholm’s ex-chief rabbi. –
Moishe House Budapest (34 Király str. D7)

29.11.2013. 8-9pm MC Ponza – Fekete Kutya (31 Dob str, D7)

29.11.2013. 9pm BánkitóXBAR72 afterparty: Ramin Sayyah (IR) & Alex Rae (UK), Designer Drums, Nova Gravity (D) Kuplung (46 Király str., D6)

29.11.2013. 9pm DJ Shabbes Goy a.k.a. Ramses Hoppa (NL)
. As another Jewish festival is going on DJ Shabbes Goy (Ramses Hoppa) will play you a night of Jiddish orientated music. Very eclectically through many different styles like Swing, Balkan, Reggae, Jazz and any other style possible. Starting at 21:00 till late!
-Lámpás (15 Dob str., D7)

30.11.2013. 10am A Város Mindenkié – Socio-tour walk with homeless activists Blaha Lujza Square

30.11.2013. 11am-4pm Sholet feat. Pastrami potluck.
As usual, we celebrate or favourite festival with a community brunch. If you’re a cook ready for challenge, enter your prided family recipe and let sobering gourmets decide which is the best.
– Lumen Vegetable & Community Provider (14 Klauzál str., D7)

30.11.2013. 2pm Hosszúlépés: Streetfood walk

30.11.2013. 4-6pm Culture in Socialism –Beyond Retro and Terror? Book presentation – Bea Hock and Ferenc Hammer
The two volumes of studies, published in 2013, explore the cultural significance of the socialist period. The books are presented in English, keeping in mind the interest of foreigners living in Hungary in the topic. The monograph by cultural historian Bea Hock critically re-examines the supposed absences and presences of feminist cultural practice in Hungary with a focus on fine arts and cinema. The gendered dimensions of art production are explored in relation to larger social and cultural contexts in order to offer a uniquely interdisciplinary account. The studies published by sociologist and media researcher Ferenc Hammer focus on Hungary prior to the regime change, exploring various phenomena from everyday culture, including the significance of wearing jeans and the rules of the board game Gazdálkodj okosan! [Economize your spending!], the Hungarian version of Monopoly adapted for the socialist system. Conversation partners: Bea Hock, Andrea Virginiás (film critic), Péter Apor (historian), Ferenc Hammer, Kovács Éva (sociologist), Anna Wessely (sociologist).
• (102 Király str. D6)

30.11.2013. 5-8pm Grog, mulled wine and clove-pike orange making workshop to make winter days happier – Fekete Kutya (31 Dob str, D7)

30.11.2013. 6pm Preparation for winter biking and bicycle brake light making workshop
Registration fee: 1000 HUF (includes material and tools), register at until 28th November.
– Kuplung (46 Király str., D6)

30.11.2013. 7pm Improvisational participatory dance craze – warm-up for the party at night.
-Kuplung (46 Király str., D6)

30.11.2013. 8pm Canarro concert Kisüzem (2 Kis diófa str., D7)

30.11.2013. 9pm Le Rom concert
The Le Rom Band was established in 2010, their name meaning “The Roma!” Band leader Máté Kovács follows family tradition: his grandfather was leader of Gojma band, and his father, Antal Kovács, lead Romano Drom. Their music is bursting with energy, mixing traditional folklore with Balkan, pop and Romanian elements.
• Lámpás (15 Dob str., D7)

30.11.2013. 9pm Bánkitó afterparty: 3421xMissRED (ISR), Fancy4 x Ponza, Mr.Masters, Fantomaz – Kuplung (46 Király str., D6)

30.11.2013. Exhibition of public information posters Fogasház (51 Akácfa str., D7)

01.12.2013. 9:30pm-5pm Herzl said… Program series on the opening day of the Theodor Herzl Center Israeli Cultural Institute (1 Paulay Ede str., D6)

01.12.2013. 10am Hosszúlépés-walk: The 7th District Rózsadomb.

01.12.2013. 10am Hosszúlépés-walk: Mistailored Budapest – Critical urbanism.

01.12.2013. 10am-12.30pm. Begging-yoga course with the PR group
Free yoga-workshop for people with and without wallet, and dogs. Meeting in warm and comfortable clothing in the Diogenes Pub at 10 am. Diogenész Pub (6/A Rottenbiller str., D7)

01.12.2013. 12-6pm Prepare for the winter with your own lip balm! – Olive oil based lip balm making workshop
Learn how to make lip care products out of natural materials, without preservatives. Based on specially concocted recipes, you can prepare at home your olive oil based colourful, fragrant chocolate, lavender, orange or cinnamon taste lip balm. You can decorate the tin container according to your own taste with the help of the program coordinators.
Massolit Books & Café (30 Nagydiófa str., D7)

01.12.2013. 3pm The Enchanted Letters of Light – Hanukkah family day Bálint House (16 Révay str., D6)

01.12.2013. 3-7pm Gingerbread workshop based on the good old granny’s recipe wrapped in contemporary design. – Fekete Kutya (31 Dob str, D7)

01.12.2013. 7pm Synagogue for sale! (doc.) Privatisation, Irish pub, auction. Who would think these words describe the story of the Synagogue of Kőszeg? Kazimír (34 Kazinczy str., D7)

01.12.2013. 8.30pm Silent film music with electric violin virtuoso Luca Kézdy – Kisüzem (2 Kis diófa str., D7)

02.12.2013. 2pm Dilapidated heritage of Jewish Budapest – walk w/ J. Palacinka (ENG)
A lot of people don’t know that the majority of the architects in Budapest between 1895 and 1940 had a Jewish background. During this walk we’ll see some of these very important cultural monuments, which deserve a restoration as soon as possible.

02.12.2013. 6pm FAKT13 Visual Lab presents Luca Tóth: The Age of Curious animation film & exhibition

Luca Tóth is a Royal College of Art graduate, who finished her studies in 2013. She and Maté Ridovics Tóth gathered up in the collective called FAKT13 visual lab. The exhibition shows Luca`s graduation animation, `The Age of Curious` with some work in progress visuals, and an ink series which is the side project of her short film.
The exhibition is on between 27th November – 5th December.
– Massolit Books & Café (30 Nagydiófa str., D7)

02.12.2013. 7-8.40pm Screening of Carlos Saura’s Flamenco movie – mostly song and dance, magnificent spectacle. – Fekete Kutya (31 Dob str, D7)

02.12.2013. 7.30 pm Vered Glickman, director of the Israeli Cultural Institute, will light the candle at the Hanukia Bench then she will be discussing various interpretations of “miracles” in Jewish religion and history, with special regard to modern-day Israel.
– Gozsdu udvar – Kőleves (41 Kazinczy str., D7)

02.12.2013. 8.30pm Zsuzsi Simányi – Kristóf Darvas duo – Kisüzem (2 Kis diófa str., D7)

02.12.2013. 9.30pm Concert by Albert Orgon and Zoltán Csányi
– Pop Bar (11 Király str, D7)

03.12.2013. 10am Zionist Budapest – Hosszúlépés walk

03.12.2013 6pm Liat Cohen Raviv (ISR): Journey of a People the routes that lead us to our own past.
“A nation that does not know its past, its present is poor and its future is uncertain””. Yigal Allon.
Our journey will take us through events that shaped the Jewish nation. We will try to answer questions like, “where” “when”” and “why” did the Jews travel the world. This journey is connected to us and influences us to this very day. Are you ready to take a ride into your own amazing story?
Liat Cohen Raviv holds an M.A. in Public Policy – Executive Master from Tel Aviv University, and a B.A. in Educational Systems Development from the University of Haifa/Tel-Hai College.
– Massolit Books & Café (30 Nagydiófa str., D7)

03.12.2013. 7pm Sephardic Jewish, Arabic, Greek and Turkish tunes from Dina Music Budapest (organised by the Hungarian Jewish Cultural Association).
– Kazimír (34 Kazinczy str., D7)

03.12.2013. 8pm Eclectic Gipsy-Django Night – Doblo Wine & Bar (20 Dob str., D7)

03.12. 2013. 9pm Buttering Trio (ISR)
KerenDun, Rejoicer and Beno Hendler/GymBass – this particular Berlin/Tel Aviv connection crafts densely layered and sophisticated nu soul not a million miles away from Quadron, Georgia Anne Muldrow or Little Dragon. At the same time, these aural treats are not for the faint of heart: KerenDun, Rejoicer (a. o. producer of Bajka) and bassist Beno Hendler (Balkan Beat Box) love to lace their sound with sharp synth bass, progressive chords and off-kilter, yet never off-key, beats and vox for a challenging sonic journey inspired by the grandmaster of all things “out there,“ Frank Zappa.
• Ankert (33 Paulay str. D/)

04.12.2013. 10am Mistailored Budapest – Critical urbanism, Hosszúlépés walk

04.12.2013. 6-7pm Queer Performance workshop.
Admission: free, for details please contact the organizers:
The Radical Queer Affinity Collective started out in Budapest in 2011 with the critical question of how to do queer politics in the situated context of Central Eastern Europe.

04.12.2013. 6pm Alon Dotan(ISR): Covenant the connection between me, the Jewish people and God.
We will examine the way that we look at Mount Sinai, the place that the Jewish people became a nation. We will also examine the connection between that event and the current Jewish people. Is that contract that was made by our forefathers between the Jewish people and God, still relevant to us?
Alon Dotan(ISR) has received a BA and MA from Ben Gurion University in Education Policy and Administration. During his studies he was elected to several management positions for the University’s Student Union including Chairman of Culture Division, Operations Manager, and Vice President.
-Moishe House Budapest (34 Király str. D7)

7.30 p.m. Candle-lightning at the Hanukia Bench with Diller Fellowship Shnaim – Ohazin followed by a conversation based on the portion of the week.
The “Chevruta” is originally a learning method that was used in the “Beit-Midrash” in Israel since the 3rd century B.C. to this day. In this method we take a short paragraph from the bible and ask questions about this paragraph. Questions that make us think about things that are still relevant to our own lives. The conversation is held in pairs so that we’ll have different perspectives to the same issue. This is how we make a 3,000 year-old book vibrant, relevant and interesting to this day. – Gozsdu Udvar then Kőleves (Kazinczy utca, D7)

04.12.2013. 7.30pm Israel through the lens of Robert Capa and his contemporaries – lecture by Dr. Ruth Oren
– Israeli Cultural Institute (1 Paulay Ede str., D6)

04.12.2013. 8-9pm Concert: István Fekete and Albert Orgon
– Fekete Kutya (31 Dob str, D7)

04.12.2013. 8pm Jazz-wednesday
-Doblo Wine & Bar (20 Dob str., D7)

04.12.2013. 8pm Dep’art concert
– Kisüzem (2 Kis diófa str., D7)

04.12.2013. 9pm Gyócerda – Hanuka Special
-Lámpás (15 Dob str., D7)

05.12.2013. 2pm Zionist Budapest – Hosszúlépés city walk

05.12.2013. 7-8.25pm Screening of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas in English. (HUN SUB)- Fekete Kutya (31 Dob str, D7)

05.12.2013. 8pm Doblo DJ Day
– Doblo Wine & Bar (20 Dob str., D7)

05.12.2013. 8pm Létvágy – exhibition of painter Zsolt Vetlényi’s works
– Kisüzem (2 Kis diófa str., D7)

05.12.2013. 8.30pm Sobre Fuego flamenco night.
What is flamenco? Visual music? Acoustic dance? Fire-magic? Yoga of letting the pain go? All of this together. More and lass than art. Teaches to live and feel. It hardens the will and dignifies the heart. Sobre Fuego: awakening the inner fire. Which can only be done collectively. For we all are a great family. “Some great bonfire should be made…
-Pepita Ofélia Bar (5 Klauzál sqr. D7)

05.12.2013. 9pm Concert by KTM Trio
– Lámpás (15 Dob str., D7)

05.12.2013. 9pm Eat My Funk presents: Quarter6Quarter7 closing party.
The Eat My Funk party organizer team emerged from the lukewarm familiarity of Budapest nightlife a few years ago, by inviting exciting and fresh international DJs. At this year’s festival of the Jewish Quarter, they present Belgium’s most famous disk jockey, whose radio show has featured every living icon of electronic music from Benji B to Flying Lotus. He will be followed by Galo from Israel, with all shakeass tunes of the motherland. All this accompanied by our favourite Hungarina DJs. Free entry.
Line-up: Lefto (BE), Galo (ISR), Slanki, Muztache, Mr.Hi
– Kolor (13 Király str., D7)

05.12.2013. Playback Theatre – Fogasház (51 Akácfa str., D7)

City walks among the quarter’s layers
Thematic walks organised by Hosszúlépés. Járunk?, A Város Mindenkié (The City is for All) group and Julius Palacinka. Globalism and localism on a paper plate; Zionist Budapest; homeless tour; discovering the district’s rich neighbourhood – all with the contribution of activists, sociologists and urban researchers who know the area like the back of their hand.
The walks are free, but participation requires registration, from 24th November at Upon registration, we send you details and starting point of the walk. We can provide English translation for the walks, please notify us of your request when registering.
Street food walk for gastromaniacs.
Mistailored Budapest – Critical urbanism.
Zionist Budapest.
The 7th District Rózsadomb.
Socio-tour – the Jewish District from the aspect of homelessness and dwelling problems – walk with a homeless activist of The City is for All.
Stopelsteine in Budapest – with Julius Palacinka
The dilapidated heritage of Budapest – with Julius Palacinka